Hosting a Meet

Looking for Registration forms? Visit our Registration page.

Want to host an Invitational Meet to assess interest in USAT in your area? Fill out the contact form on the About page or mail in an INVITATIONAL INTEREST form.

Program Manual

This manual was updated as of September 2014 so make sure you get the newest version.

Checklist for Hosts

Sheet

Backdrop Instructions

AT Scoring Spreadsheet

Blank Schedules

4 Team Meet, 6 Team Meet and 9 Team Meet

Certificate of Participation

 Mary Ann Berdan Nomination Form

 MARY ANN BERDAN Award Certificate

The Mary Ann Berdan Award is given to teams and individuals who show creativity above and beyond expectations and demonstrate exceptional team work. Every meet can have many Mary Ann Berdan Award winners even if there is only one winning team each meet, so encourage your facilitators to keep their eyes open for these qualities during every competition!

S-C-A-M-P-E-R Sheet

The “scamper” technique is a great way to help get your students’ creative juices flowing! Try it out during your next brainstorming session or practice! Teams may keep a copy of this sheet in their competition kits.


Special Cases

Discipline Form

Very occasionally a host may need to report about problems with behavior or following the rules (usually inadvertant transgressions) in order to assess penalties. The Program Manual details the penalties for different kinds of infractions, or you can find a table of suggested penalties here.

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