Cross-Training for Young Minds


2020-2021 Season Update

US Academic Triathlon encourages positive risk-taking by challenging triathletes to discover, refine and demonstrate their combined and inherent interests, strengths, and abilities as a team and as individuals. By using the seven types of learning identified by the research and writings of Howard Gardner, Harvard University this program is great for students with a wide variety of talents, and it is dynamic way to nurture creativity, teamwork and real world problem-solving skills in 5th-8th Grade students in your area. We’ve been helping students reach their creative potential for over 30 years.

Find out more about our Three Events

We are MN’s only homegrown creativity competition and reach as far as New York, but we are looking to expand so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are from another area, and please explore the website and Program Manual for more information.

The Three Events
General Rules
Coaching a Team
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