Facilitators who intend to assess penalties arising out of these three Tris must explain the situation to the Host/Facilitator before the scores have been compiled. Facilitators should, therefore, consult with host/facilitators when handing in their score sheets. These discussions should occur immediately and confidentially, and not be discussed after a problem has been disposed of.

A “Discipline and Consequences Form” form must be filled out. Not all penalty forms result in loss of points, it should be noted. The assessed penalty should be subtracted from the event’s combined raw score. If a facilitator knows of a necessary penalty resulting from something that happened in a hallway, bathroom, or other common area, it should be brought to the attention of the H/F as quickly as is convenient after the infraction occurs, and in a non-public way. If a point deduction is to be made, it should come from the facilitator’s event raw score, or from the event raw score closest to the infraction. This is the H/F’s call.

Coaches should ensure that their students should are familiar with their Student Responsibilities, and Coaches with their own responsibilities before the Meet begins.

Improper facilitator conduct also should be dealt with during the score calucation and penalties may apply to the team associated with that facilitator, depending on the severity of the action.

Rooms should be left in good condition, and any items used for the Academic Triathlon should be removed before the P.A.R.T.Y. starts. All facilitators should report to the P.A.R.T.Y. room at this time, to become judges and timers, or to help with rankings on the Scoreboard if designated by the Host/ Facilitator. At the conclusion of the P.A.R.T.Y. shows, judges’ scores of this event are tabulated and added to the scoreboard. Then Grand Totals are summed. All Discipline and Consequences issues must be dealt with before scores go out and in their combined raw score form.

“Combined raw scores” for each event means:


Face-Off!: The Written Round total plus the Oral Round total


Mind Sprints: All three of the Mind Sprints, including Bonus Round Points, if applicable.


P.A.R.T.Y. in a Box: All three judges’ scores, added together, (not added and then averaged).

An Additional Word About Discipline

Student discipline is rarely an issue at a USAT Meet; students want to be free to participate excitedly, but generally not destructively, or in an antisocial way. Nevertheless, occasionally a “Discipline and Consequences” form becomes necessary. The Meet format generally attracts able learners and keeps them too busy to work toward anything except their own successful outcomes.

Pointing out consequences of thoughtless behavior may be unpleasant, but it’s part of the educational process, as well. It’s what grown-ups do. Warning or disciplining students early in the season results in minimal instances of misbe- havior. Facilitators are urged to work together to promote good sportsmanship through proper discipline and by setting a good example. Facilitators can use the Golden Rule as an evaluative yardstick toward other teams, schools and individuals. If consequences include a loss of points, the deduction must be taken from the combined raw score for the event; e.g., if it occurs in one Mind Sprints room,subtract it from the combined raw score of the three Mind Sprints.

The National USAT Board of Directors urges Facilitators to remember to “catch students being good,” and reward the healthy spirit of camaraderie through creativity and fair play!

Discipline Issue Suggested Penalty*
Disrespect of another person 20-35 points
Disrespect of facility 15-25 points
Disrespecting personal property 25-50 points
P.A.R.T.Y. penalties See problem Score Sheet
Disruption, delay of Meet 10-30 points


Unfairness/Disrespect of Rules:  Suggested Penalty
Sharing questions/answers Disqualification from Meet
Discuss skit outside prep Tri time 15-30 points/Disqualification
use of Add’l or outside materials 5-50 points/Disqualification
* It is appropriate to issue a warning first unless the offense is severe.