Student Responsibilities

  • All team members, including alternates, must wear a name tag which displays their team letter. They must be displayed above the waist and in a way which can be easily seen and read by facilitators and participants. (Letters are provided at Meets)
  • All team members must keep problems and questions strictly secret until the end of the competition. If any team member is found sharing questions or other information about Academic Triathlon challenges with members of other teams, their coaches or volunteers before the  end of a Meet their entire team will be disqualified and may be subject to further disciplinary action.
  • All team members must exhibit good sportsmanship throughout each Meet. Teams who exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to loss of points and possible disqualification for serious infractions.
  • Teams shall show respect for facilities, people and their efforts to compete in and/or hold a Meet. A Penalty Form may be used to discipline a team, and may result in loss of points for serious infractions.
  • Teams must exhibit theater etiquette during PARTY performances, and is defined as full, silent attention during performances. No derogatory comments or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated, as watching other teams’ P.A.R.T.Y. shows is a privilege. It is appropriate to laugh, clap and enjoy other teams’ shows. Student feedback on P.A.R.T.Y. performances should be limited to general and impersonal helpful hints and constructive comments. Please be aware that students may be sensitive about their performance.
  • Teams must strictly adhere to their time and room schedules. If they arrive late for an event after a Meet starts, they will be allotted only the remaining time allowed. If they prevent another team from having the full time allotted they will be subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. (See Discipline for more information). Responsible movement among events is the duty of every team member at an Academic Triathlon Meet.
  • Students may not bring anything into an event room except for those items specifically stated in the Academic Triathlon rules (called the competition kit). Further, they may not use anything that is already present in an event room unless it is part of an event. For example, some classrooms have whiteboard and markers, but students may not use them unless they are part of a challenge. (See the Program Manual for a complete list of items allowed in the competition kit)
  • Students must use appropriate language, humor, gestures, etc. during Meets. Please no sexism, racism, profanity, etc.) If a team member offers an inappropriate response, a facilitator will: a) ask for a more appropriate response; or b) assess a penalty; or c) disqualify a team member or team from a round or an entire Meet depending on the severity of an infraction. If a student is unsure whether something is an appropriate response, it is better to find a substitute answer.
  • If a student has a temporary (broken arm, e.g.) or permanent disability (blindness, e.g.) which may prevent or hamper them from following physical instructions during a Meet, the student must tell the facilitator who is reading the instructions for that event. The facilitator or team will devise a way for the student to participate, regardless of the disability.
  • Students may not talk to or approach judges or facilitators regarding scoring questions. An exception is made during times designated for question and answer during Mind Sprints.
  • Students must be aware of the meaning of specific Caution Comments that are to be used by facilitators:
    • “Louder”- A student should repeat the answer, enunciating for the sake of the facilitator.
    • “Clarify”- A student must explain why an answer is pertinent to the question or give further details.
    • “Inappropriate”- A student is being given a chance to change a socially unacceptable or non sequitur answer, with or without the loss of points, depending on the intent.
    • “Repeat”- A student has given a duplicate answer, and must come up with another response.
  • These Student Responsibilities may be attached the team’s competition kit for reference.
Upcoming Events
  • Fees are due November 2, 2018
  • Registration is due November 2, 2018
  • Round Robin #1 December 7, 2018

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