Keeping Score

USAT provides two tools for keeping score at Meets. We have improved the spreadsheet version so it now exactly mirrors the online ScoreKeeper, so feel free to use whichever version you are most comfortable with.

Online ScoreKeeper

ATSCORE97 -Excel Spreadsheet. Please enable Macros when using this spreadsheet, and make sure to save it under the name ATScore97 or the formulas will not work properly.


6 comments on “Keeping Score
  1. Laura Vogel says:

    The online scorekeeper doesn not appear to be live. Will that be live prior to the meet next week?

    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am working on the problem and I will let you know when I resolve it. The Excel spreadsheet works exactly the same as the web scorekeeper and does all the math for you, and that is up no matter what, so there will definitely be at least one way to score your Meet even if we are unable to fix the problem.

    • I updated the link, it should work fine now. Thanks for your help!

  2. Kelly Clinchy says:

    Online scoring is not working. It sends us to a link that is not in service.

  3. Jane L Johnson says:

    Will the online scorekeeper be working for tomorrow’s meet?

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