Keeping Score

ATSCORE97 – Excel Spreadsheet. Please enable Macros when using this spreadsheet, and make sure to save it under the name ATScore97 or the formulas will not work properly.

Please note – the online scoring page is no longer available. The spreadsheet above works exactly the same way as the one that used to be available online.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Score”

  1. Excel spreadsheet does not seem compatible with chromebooks! I am assuming this will be a big problem for others as well as me. The online scoring always worked fine…

    1. Unfortunately, we no longer have a way to host the online scorekeeper. It uses Javascript, which is not compatible with our website platform. The type of computer should not make a difference, it is an excel document. I hope you got it worked out by RR1, sorry for the late reply. For some reason I was not alerted to your comment right away.

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