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Starting a New USAT Team in a Few Easy Steps

With only one month left to register we wanted provide some information about how to start a new team if you are interested in coaching or if you have a child whom you think would enjoy the program but is not yet part of a team.


Step 1: Identify 4-5 students, plus up to 2 alternates, in grades 5 through 8, to form a competition team. Students in grades 5 and 6 compete in the Challenger Division and grades 7 and 8 make up our X-Trainer Division.

It is fun to come up with a team name and, if funds are available, a team shirt/jersey for competitions! Some teams are made up students who are already friends, and some teams are created as a way to make new ones. It is a great experience for kids with a variety of talents and abilities. After all, there are many ways a person is gifted!

Step 2: Recruit another teacher or parent to serve as an additional coach or volunteer. Each team needs a Head Coach to successfully run a team, though additional coaches or adults (16 years or older) may be needed. Each team must provide at least one coach/volunteer to assist with the management of each Round Robin or Regional Meet.

Step 3: Register your team with the national US Academic Triathlon office by Nov. 13, 2015. Final payment is due by Dec. 1, 2015. To register, complete either the Xcel spreadsheet or the PDF registration forms on the Registration page. You can email or snail mail it to the contact information below:

US Academic Triathlon
2355 Fairview Ave N #335
Roseville MN, 55113

Step 4: Review the Program Manual, which will be sent electronically to first-time coaches upon successful registration, or can be downloaded here: Program Manual. Make sure you are familiar with all expectations of the Head Coach, additional coaches/volunteers, team members, and the competition process. During the course of your USAT season, you may be asked to host a meet at your school. The Program Manual and the Executive Director (Sarah Kirchner Sheldon) will be your essential resources for hosting your first USAT Meet.

Step 5: Create your team’s Competition Kit – this is your team’s box of essentials necessary to work through any problem thrown at them during a Meet. You can read more about the competition kit here.

Step 6: Practice! You can find practice problems on this site. For additional tips and practice ideas, follow us on Facebook.

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