10 Types of Students who Benefit from USAT

Maybe you’re a parent who is wondering if USAT is right for your child, or you’re a teacher who is thinking about recruiting students but you’re having trouble deciding who to ask. US Academic Triathlon is all about fostering curiosity and creativity in the next generation of leaders, and we offer a broad range of opportunities for students to flex their creative problem-solving and practice the skills they will need for future success both inside and outside of the classroom.


Students will benefit from USAT if they…

  1. …don’t get enough of a chance to be creative in their everyday lives.
    • Tablets, cell phones, televisions, video games, homework, chores, sports—these are all competing for the attention of today’s student. At a USAT Meet, kids get a chance to set aside time to focus on stretching themselves creatively free of these sorts of distractions.
  2. …feel shy in a large classroom setting.
    • Schools don’t always have the resources to keep their class sizes small, and sometimes the kids who don’t speak up don’t get a chance to shine. USAT teams are small for a reason; we want every voice to be heard and every idea considered.usat_picks9
  3. …work well with others.
    • Each Meet is a competition, but we also create challenges that emphasize and reward teams who work well together. Our events are timed and every second counts!
  4. …don’t work well with others.
    • Whether it is in school or at work, sooner or later we all have to work in a group. USAT creates a supportive and positive risk-taking environment to help students figure out how to navigate group work, share responsibility, parse out responsibilities, and play to the strengths of each team member.
  5. …like to perform and excel at public speaking.
    • USAT teams are guaranteed at least four chances to compete each season (and a fifth if they go on to State in the spring), which means four chances to perform in front of an audience. Students who love to sing, do cart wheels, bust a move, or show off some other sort of special skill will love the opportunity to stand up and be counted during A.R.T.Y. in a Box challenges!
  6. …would benefit from a chance to practice their public speaking skills.
    • We can’t all be born for the stage, so students who aren’t already strong communicators get a chance to practice. The skits at the end of every Meet aren’t the only chance for students to speak up. Face-Off! and Mind Sprints offer a chance to share knowledge and ideas, especially if they are outside the box.img_8672
  7. …enjoy building things.
    • Do you know someone who can make a knight out of plastic cups? A witch out of a paper bag? Got a student in your life that can visualize how things fit together and enjoys figuring out how things work? They’ll love this program!
  8. …have good reading comprehension and listening skills.
    • Classes might have names like “Social Studies” or “Earth Sciences,” but students learn a lot more during formal and informal educational situations than just information about the three branches of government or types of rocks. USAT asks team members to think critically about actions and reactions, and kids who can interpret what they hear or read will enjoy solving our puzzles.
  9. img_8671…have difficulty following instructions.
    • Being able to understand a worksheet or follow the instructions a teacher gives for a lab is vital for students to succeed, but it doesn’t necessarily come easily to everyone. The competitive nature of USAT gives students a fun incentive to gain as many points as possible by paying close attention, thinking about what they hear, and asking the right questions to aid comprehension.
  10. …are good at telling stories.
    • Humans are story-tellers, it’s in our blood. We learn and share through narratives all the time, and USAT is no exception. We challenge students to express their views and solutions through stories and approach the art of problem-solving from a new but accessible angle.


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