For Hosts and Facilitators

We Honor Creativity and Teamwork in USAT Through These Special Awards

In addition to honoring teams that score the most points at each Meet, we also have special awards for individuals and teams that exhibit the qualities that we hope to promote through the US Academic Triathlon program.

The “Mary Ann Berdan Creativity Award” is a certificate named for an artist/educator and long-time USAT board member who passed away. Any student or team showing an exceptional degree of creativity and follow through during any USAT Meet is eligible for this special honor. This is most likely to occur during a Mind Sprint or P.A.R.T.Y. performance, so facilitators of these events should be aware of this special honor for our most creative students.

Starting in 2017, the USAT staff also instituted a new award in honor of the program’s founder, Peggy Sheldon. Any individual who exhibits exceptional conflict resolution and compromise skills, and teams that go above and beyond to make sure everyone is heard and respected are eligible for the “Peggy Sheldon Teamwork Award.”

Candidates for these special awards should be brought to the attention of the Host/Facilitator before the conclusion of any Meet. We provide both nomination forms and certificates for winners on our downloads page. There is no minimum or maximum number of nominees at each Meet, but we encourage you to look for reasons to celebrate these students and their achievements. The real achievement of all of our students is to grow during the season, and facilitators and coaches are integral to that process.

Have a great Round Robin 2!

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